Heidi Tries 23 Things

Friday, June 13, 2014

23 mobile things #23

I really enjoyed this activity and would participate if another was offered.  Early on, I enjoyed reading what others were posting about their discoveries, but I fell behind in the end and will need to go back and read more yet.

The biggest takeaway for me was that it sent me exploring without a specific goal to find something that I need for tomorrow's lesson.  It allowed some creativity for me too.  Plans are in the works to use this idea in staff development at school or in a community ed class.  I am super excited to be able to share some of these great finds with others.  Thank you for pushing me to do this!

23 mobile things # 21

A few apps that I use often for health and fitness include my fitness pal, map my run, and c25k.  In school I like too noisy which  tracks classroom noise during independent work time. It lets them see when they need to turn it down.  I also like microsoft's Onenote instead of apps like Evernote because of how it interfaces with other Microsoft programs.

23 mobile things # 22

I skipped to 22 to see how to find apps other than searching the App Store.  I tried applegone free and although I didn't find anything to download today, I will keep and use this app in the future.

23 mobile things #20

I have tried temple run and candy crush in the past, so I tried word collapse.  I feel better about playing games, even in my down time, if they are "educational". I think this type of game could help vocabulary and spelling.  Some of my favorites that were not included are 2048, moxie, 7 little words, and words with friends.

23mobile things #19

I tried and liked the bird app.  I have had another bird app, but it didn't give as many details as this one.  My only disappointment is that it didn't include my favorite summer bird, the barn swallow.  This could beat great way to teach students about birds, or to listen to those summer bird songs in the middle of a terrible winter.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

23 mobile things #18

Either I or other teachers in my district have used and liked google earth, Kahn academy, socrative, TED, and quizlet.  All of these apps are great choices, so I decided to try something new I this category.  National archives today's document is a great history app.  It was easy to use and intesting. I will keep this one.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

23 mobile things #17

I stay pretty close to home, so I tried the Red Wing app.  It was easy to use and would be useful for those looking for something to do.  I learned that if I am planning to visit somewhere, check for apps about the destination.  It would be a quick and easy way to find things to do.